About Us

Welcome to Wear it School Uniforms.

Wear it was founded by Ariel Piper from Calgary, Alberta and has been supplying school uniforms for 14


In 2004 as a single mother of two, her eldest daughter with Autism, her son was attending a school

requiring a uniform. It was at this time that Ariel saw an opportunity to expand on a market place that

did not offer a local presence or meet unique school uniform demands requested by several Alberta


Since the inception of Wear it, Ariel has produced high quality uniforms and accessories that are fairly

priced. Wear it offers in store shopping, online shopping and "fit days" in schools when requested.

Online orders that are available in store get shipped out same day for delivery within 48 hrs.

Ariel has personally travelled around the world to search for the best fabrics available to make clothing

that is not only comfortable but durable. Ariel has been an industry leader in designing her own

patterns with an eye for fashion but also in keeping with the needs and traditions that a School Uniform


“I love what I do and the last 14 years has afforded me the pleasure of watching many of Calgary’s

children grow up wearing my clothes. It is with a sense of pride that I appreciate the unique values of

being an Albertan, and the honor of having local schools supporting my local business. I see it while

visiting the schools, and at the grocery store, when children are confidently wearing my clothes and

designs. It makes me so proud to be an Albertan."

Ariel Piper,

President of Wear It Inc.